Psych Client Accelerator

The Proven Program to Grow Your Therapy Practice

Digital Marketing for Therapists, Psychologists, Counselors

The Psych Client Accelerator Program provides mental health professionals such as psychologists, therapists, and mental health counselors with performance-based digital marketing, a dedicated success partner, and educational resources to support private practice growth.

You Might Have Tried:

  • Print directory listings
  • Attending offline events
  • Paying for directory sites
  • Posting on social media
  • Posting on your blog
  • Running some ads

While some of these actions can get you new clients, they’re not the most predictable in consistently generating new prospects and growing your therapy practice, and often take too much time for the results; time that you could be spending providing quality therapy sessions, perfecting your service, and helping more people.

How can you generate client inquiries consistently? You need a system. And not just any system. One that has been tested and refined through years of experience figuring out what works. A system that attracts, qualifies, and nurtures new prospects for you to consistently fill your calendar and improve your booking rates.

In partnership with successful therapists, we created the Psych Client Accelerator – a program and built-in system that generates client inquiries for you every month, so you can worry less about where clients will come from and focus more on providing exceptional therapy services.

Let's Grow Your Practice

We specialize in taking private practices with 2-3+ associates to new heights. Leave the marketing to us so you can focus on helping more people.

Who Are We?

We’re a team of marketers with 10+ years experience on a mission to connect mental health providers with more people who need help in their local area.

We created Psych Client Accelerator in partnership with now highly successful therapists. These therapists tested our digital marketing for therapists pilot program, and were able to increase their revenue by $50,000/month with the help of the program’s client inquiry generation and support systems.

Digital Marketing for Therapists & Psychologists
Get Clients for Your Therapy or Psychology Practice

How Do We Help You Grow?

We have been able to roll up our refined strategies and techniques into a an effective system that attracts client inquiries, qualifies them, and nurtures these inquiries into more booked consultations and sessions for your practice.

We use a powerful customer management software (CRM) to connect with and nurture client inquiries, and combine this CRM with cross-platform data and experienced marketing efforts to improve inquiry generation and booking rates for you over time.

How Does It Work?

To attract, qualify, and nurture client inquiries, we combine the following: tested landing pages, website SEO, strategic blog posts, website conversion enhancements, custom advertisement, and quick follow-up messaging.

Prospects are followed-up with and organized for you in our flexible CRM software, and your success partner keeps you in the loop on progress towards filling up your calendar. We’re confident we can fill your calendar with a healthy stream of new consultations in your first 30 days.

Digital Marketing Program & System to Generate Therapy Clients

What’s Involved in the Program?

Setup Process for Generating New Therapy Client Inquiries

Setup the System for Launch

The setup aspect of the program begins with a welcome email from your dedicated success partner, debriefing you on what to expect, and a brief intake call to gather the information necessary to begin setup of the system. A week later, the system is configured and set to begin generating more qualified prospects for your practice.

Strategies to Generate New Therapy Prospects

Attract More Qualified Prospects

The attract aspect of the program involves experienced strategies to get in front of and attract new prospects for you in your local area. Incoming contact info is fed into the CRM software we set up to organize, qualify, nurture, and confirm these new prospects, and to sync consultations booked by interested prospects to your calendar.

Process to Turn Qualified Client Inquiries into Booked Therapy Sessions

Convert More Prospects to Clients

The convert aspect of the program involves quickly reaching out to new prospects within minutes, qualifying them with proven messaging sequences, and confirming interested prospects for you, to improve prospect quality and increase your booking rate. This is done through a tested approach of sending automated outreach messages to prospects to follow-up fast for confirmations, and manual interacting, all done for you by our conversion expert.

Support & Resources for Therapist & Psychologist Practices

Support Your Growth & Success

The support aspect of the program includes progress and result updates from your dedicated success partner, a hub of insightful resources on practice growth, CRM training, optional coaching calls with successful therapists, access to our elite program, and access to our private Facebook group of mental health professionals.

With the setup, attract, convert, and support aspects of the program working in tandem, Psych Client Accelerator is everything you need to accelerate the growth of your practice.

Build Your Dream Practice

Practices enrolled in Psych Client Accelerator are consistently generating new client inquiries, filling up their associates calendars, and ultimately helping more people every month.

Client Testimonials

Example Results

Example results for a therapy & psychology practice.
(And this is just the beginning!)

Example Client Lead Generation Results for Psychology & Therapy Practice - Psych Client Accelerator

Example new prospect results in 1st 30 days of program. Client is now enjoying a consistently higher lead volume.

Example Client Booked Appointment Generation Results for Psychology & Therapy Practice - Psych Client Accelerator

Marketing Resources for Therapists

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